5 Reasons To Get Your Concealed Carry Permit This Year

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1. It Is Your Constitutional Right

 The right to self defense is endowed to us by the Creator. The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights simply enumerates this right which is essential to freedom. Even though the government should not be allowed to charge a fee and require training for an inalienable right the more CCW’s out there the greater the chance of Constitutional Carry being passed in the future. 

2. To Protect Yourself, Your Family & Friends

Protect the things you love and care about. Freedom, Family, Life…

3. Situational Awareness

Become a participant; not simply a spectator. Freedom isn’t safe. Safety isn’t Free. Choose wisely. By joining the large number of fellow citizens who’ve taken their protection seriously and armed themselves you take control of your safety. 

4. New Hobby

Now that you’ve taken personal responsibility for your safety – you are the agent in charge of your own personal security detail. Your awareness is heightened, you plan your travel routes to avoid problem areas. Your friends and family notice. 

5. Confidence not Arrogance

As friends and family notice your new awareness and confidence you will change from the newly armed citizen to a instructor as you teach others how to ride the Second Amendment Exercise Machine.

6. Easier to Purchase Firearms

Purchasing a gun with a CCP means you don’t have to run down to the sheriff’s office every 3 years and get a paper permit.  With a CCP, you don’t have to register guns in local municipalities like Omaha that would otherwise require registration. A CHP is a plastic card vs a paper permit that is easily torn and lost. 

Carrying a firearm can be the best decision you will ever make.

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